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new.png Concerns when configuring the Jazz Team Server

Authors: DanToczala
Build basis: CLM 2011 (product versions 3.x) and later

Configuring the Jazz Team Server should be simple and straightforward for most initial implementations. There should not be too many things to consider when doing your initial configuration of the Jazz Team Server. Once deployed, sometimes performance issues will dictate that you consider tuning the JVM settings of the Jazz Team Server.

General Concerns

When thinking about how to configure the Jazz Team Server, it is critical to know the Jazz applications that the Jazz Team Server will be supporting, and the expected user load on the solution. Keep in mind that any single Jazz solution will contain a single Jazz Team Server. Some organizations will deploy multiple Jazz Team Server instances into their Enterprise solution, but as an administrator it is best for you to consider each of these as a single stand-alone instance of a Jazz solution. Every single Jazz Team Server can support multiple CCM (RTC) instances, multiple QM (RQM) instances, a single RM (RRC) instance, and a single data warehouse instance (RRDI or Insight).

Configuring the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) settings

One of the most important things that you will configure are the JVM settings used when you deploy the Jazz Team Server. These settings will often have a large impact on the performance of your Jazz Team Server application, and you should have these tracked somewhere as part of your solution architecture description. Often it is best to start with the "vanilla" JVM settings suggested by the development team.

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