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new.png ClearCase Version Importer performance report: Rational Team Concert 4.0.6 release

Authors: Masa Koinuma, Cunxia Sun
Last Updated: March 6, 2014
Build basis: Rational Team Concert 4.0.6

The ClearCase Version Importer is a new feature of Rational Team Concert 4.0.5. It can migrate all the versions in any branches in Rational ClearCase in a single operation, and the version branching is also replicated in Rational Team Concert source control. This document provides performance data that you can refer to.

The performance result gives you an idea about how long it takes to import files and folders using the ClearCase Version Importer, although this example is not a benchmark. Your performance also varies with the speed of the server host, database type, and the client host that you use.

The performance report of 4.0.5 release is available at ClearCase Version Importer Performance Report in Rational Team Concert 4.0.5. This document also provides some considerations to migrate the data efficiently.

For more information about the ClearCase Version Importer, see Migrating data with the ClearCase Version Importer.


In this test environment, all software is installed and configured on a single host, except for the Rational ClearCase Servers. The ClearCase Version Importer commands are run on the same host as well. The following table shows the single server topology variables.

Metadata Variable Value
Operating System Windows 7 64bit
CPU Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.4GHz (8-core)
Memory 8GB
Network 100Mbps Ethernet
Database Management System DB2 10.1
Application Server Tomcat 7 (3GB max heap)
License Management System Trial
User Management System Tomcat
Rational ClearCase Client Version
Other technologies None


The Rational ClearCase servers are hosted on Solaris Sparc machines. All the machines are located on the same local network.


The export command of the ClearCase Version Importer runs against the VOB sub-folders that are listed in the result table, and the duration of the command is measured.

Then, the intermediate data is imported to a new component of a new stream on the local CCM server, and the duration of the command is measured. The user mapping is not configured.


Note: The table shows an average time to import or export the files per version. The time varies by test case because there are several other factors that contribute to the duration (such as cleartext pool cache or the number of files and directories in single Rational Team Concert component).

Single view migration

Folder Name # of Elements (Folders/Symbolic Links/Files) # of File versions Export Duration (in seconds) Average Export time per
version in seconds
Import Duration (in seconds) Average Import time per
version in seconds
\atria\lib\tbs 85 (0/3/82) 10,709 1h00m (3,616s) 0.34 32m (1,920s) 0.18
\applets\ucc 3,277 (589/40/2,598) 120,161 10h06m (36,360s) 0.30 7h38m (27,480s) 0.23
\Java\Windows 16,230 (2,282/1/13,947) 27,920 11h06m (39,960s) 1.43 54m (3,240s) 0.12
\Java\HPUX 18,340 (1,925/89/16,326) 32,722 14h24m (51,840) 1.58 1h26m (5,160s) 0.16
\design 31,922 (3,880/341/27,701) 110,649 110h51m (399,060s) 3.6 14h54m (53,640s) 0.48

Multiple view migration

Folder Name # of views # of Elements (Folders/Symbolic Links/Files) # of File versions Export Duration Average Export time per
version in seconds
Import Duration Average Import time per
version in seconds
\nucor\client 1 4,769 (651/25/4093) 158,063 22h20m 0.51 11h05m 0.25
\nucor\client 3 6,126 (1,953/75/4,098) 156,525 36h07m 0.83 17h51m 0.41

For more information


About the authors

Masa Koinuma is a team lead of Rational ClearCase, ClearQuest and Jazz Integrations.

Cunxia Sun is a quality engineer of Rational ClearCase, ClearQuest and Jazz Integrations.

Questions and comments:
  • What other performance information would you like to see here?
  • Do you have performance scenarios to share?
  • Do you have scenarios that are not addressed in documentation?
  • Where are you having problems in performance?

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