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Community Admin Notification

Abhilash Boinapally (011314) | asked Jan 15 '13, 3:43 a.m.
      Please let me know how to configure email notifications to the Community admin while performing the below tasks in RAM

  1. when a new forum is created.
  2. Inside  Forum, if a new topic is created
  3. If any reply given to the topic
  1. when an end user rate an Asset
  2. When an end user provide a feedback


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Rich Kulp (3.6k38) | answered Jan 15 '13, 10:19 a.m.
There is no specific way to get admin notification of these events. They can be notified for many of these things if they are subscribed to a particular asset or a forum but there is no general way to say for all assets/forums in a community to notify them.

The best that can be done is for an admin to go to the Communities page, go to the community, go to the Audit page and do an audit query for forum create, topic create, forum post, reviewer rating, or user rating. Feed back is part of rating, can't get a feedback without a rating.

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