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How to retain the state of an asset ?

Manjiri Kamat (5132225) | asked Nov 30 '12, 3:52 a.m.
I have a community for which i have created a lifecycle.For this lifecycle under the approved state i have some custom policies added.
My aim is to migrate the old assets in this community to this lifecycle .They have got legacy process applied to them initially.

So i do the following :
Move these assets to a temporary community which does not have anything configured .It just has the default implicit lifecycle.
Now move these same assets back to its old community.

I notice that the assets in Retired,Archived and Submitted state go into approved state after doing the above.
I even tried setting the state to what it is while moving them to and fro but i get an error saying only the server can set the state.

I am using RAM 7511.

Could you please tell me how i maintain the state of the asset?

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Gili Mendel (1.8k56) | answered Nov 30 '12, 8:17 a.m.
In general, when you move assets from one lifecycle to another, the asset will start at the beg. of the new lifecycle.
The exception to this rule, is in the case whereyou move an asset to a new lifecycle that have the same worflow (states and transitions).  In this case, the asset will remain at the same state that it was on the original lifecycle.

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