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RQM Testplan- testcases table, "Show All" performance and "Select All" checkbox behaviour

Joseph van Blokland (823813) | asked Nov 27 '12, 2:38 p.m.
env: Jazz, WAS, IHS, Oracle, RHEL, Firefox 10.

I add 50 testcases using a script in LibreOffice and RQMUrlUtility. (< 1min)

In Firefox - RQM
  • I go to an existing test plan (with ~150 test cases) and add the new test cases to it (< 1min)
  • I save the changes
  • I then select "Show All" in the table, select the 50 and create TERs
  • I click Save - it spins away and does nothing.
This'll be better
  • I discover the issue is related to the performance of client side rendering
  • I change the drop down from "Show All" to "Show 10"
  • I click on the "Select All" Check box and the 10 are selected.
  • I generated the TERs
  • I clicked Save (< 1 min)
    • 150 TERs are created
      • All of my testcases
      • not just the 10 showing
    • Thus the table renderer is really slow when displaying too many testcases
    • And the "Select All" selects all of the testcase, even though I have "Show 10" selected.
Anybody else come across this?

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Subhajit Bhuiya (6222) | answered Nov 28 '12, 2:31 a.m.
RQM tables support paging to improve performance. If you select "Show 10", 10 test cases will be shown in each page. You can click on next or page number given below the table to go to a particular page. But "Show All" will show all the test cases in a single page. In your case, you have 150 test cases. With "Show 10" option, there will be 15 pages and each pages will show 10 test case. But with "Show All", all the 150 test cases will be shown in a single page. So, for "Show All" performance is bad. If you are concerned with performance select "Show 10" and go a particular page using page number or next button.
"Select All" select all the test cases although you have selected "Show 10". Because "Show 10" show 10 test cases in the 1st page. Other 14 pages has rest of the 140 test cases. If you want to select only 10 test case, manually select them 1 by 1.

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