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Cross project plan do not load properly (RTC 4.0)

jean-claude vauthier (22634756) | asked Nov 27 '12, 9:08 a.m.

   I have 2 project areas : a Master Project and a Child Project which are configured to create "track" and "contribute" links between work items.      In the Master Project I can create a cross project plan with workitems in it.  In the Child project I can create an "sprint plan" and workitems in it.   I can create track links between the work items of the master project and the work items of the child project.  I can create relationship between the cross project plan in the Master Project and a sprint plan in the Child Project.  Both projects use the same process template Scrum without any customization.

  As soon as I have a track link between a work item of the master project and a work item of the child project, the cross project plan view in the Master Project goes on loading indefinitely.   I can't add any workitem in the master project from the cross project plan view. I just can't work with this view.   As soon as I delete all the links of type "track" between work item, I can work again with the cross project plan view in the master project.     Notice :  If I had a column in the cross project plan view with the links of type tracks, the plan view displays the workitems of the child projects.

  Same problem if I use a simple process template instead of the scrum process template.

  I have already set up this kind of configuration several time in another context without any problem.  I don't know where to investigate.  Any idea, suggestion is very welcome

Environment:   Web clients : Firefox 10, or 12 or IE 8.   -  RTC 4.0. -  DB: Oracle - Tomcat - Process template Scrum without any configuration - Language French & English

Thanks a lot

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