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scm list users

K M (38324850) | asked Nov 14 '12, 1:52 p.m.
I assume scm list users will list the all the users in the rtc system, it seems not to work I keep getting the following when running the command

H:\>scm --config C:\tools\rtc_login_kjm list users -r
Problem running 'list users':
Run the command with --noUserIds option. Try 'scm help list users' for more information.

if I put in the --noUserIds option it works
H:\>scm --config C:\tools\rtc_login_kjm list users --noUserIds -r

I am using RTC  V3.014

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Andrew Niefer (7035) | answered Nov 14 '12, 2:41 p.m.
Unfortunately there does not appear to be a command to list all the users.

The "list users" requires the "--noUserIds" option and it only lists the users that do not have an id set.  This can then be combined with "user set" to set the id for that user.

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K M (38324850) | answered Nov 14 '12, 2:46 p.m.
So can we change this as an enhancement.     
Listing the users on your RTC system seems to be a pretty basic operation.

Tim Mok commented Nov 14 '12, 4:48 p.m.

That is the link to log an enhancement. This is a forum for asking questions so your post cannot be converted into an enhancement.

I'm not quite sure why the --noUserIds option is mandatory and seems to be quite confusing. I think the original intention was to use this for finding users that were imported or replicated from another server so that may explain why it cannot list all users. This is a command line client for SCM so it may not have taken your use case into consideration.

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