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component load rules don't work on files.

Jeff Foege (45256860) | asked Nov 09 '12, 6:09 p.m.

I'm having trouble getting the load rules to work on files. The example above, if I only wanted the 123-fldr then I can certainly just have that folder load. However if I also wanted the file1 to load but can't seem to get the rules to load it. I did modify a rule file to include the file but when I use the rule to load a component the file won't be loaded.

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Andrew Niefer (7035) | answered Nov 12 '12, 11:53 a.m.
edited Nov 12 '12, 12:00 p.m.
Hi Jeff,
Below is a rule file that I modified to include single files.   I wrote this after reviewing the article linked by Lauren.

I created this by first using the load wizard with "Browse the components to select the folders to be loaded".  Then I generated the load file under Window > Preferences "Team > Jazz Source Control > Sandboxes > Generate Load Rules..."

I added two sections.  Here are a few comments:
  • You can only have one <item> per <itemLoadRule>, so you need to add an entire new itemLoadRule to specify your item.
  • I specified items using repositoryPath, using itemId/itemType may be more robust in case of renames/moves, you can probably use the command line to find the ids.
  • The below example shows two ways to do this. 
    1. an itemLoadRule to load a single file beside the folder that was part of the original generated rules.
    2. a parentLoadRule which specifies a folder under which everything matching the include filters will be loaded.
<scm:sourceControlLoadRule version="1" xmlns:scm="">
        <component itemId="_erpo0BDuEdyJqvumb3iZNg"/>
        <!-- <component name="Repository" /> -->
        <item itemId="_Ig-SMBD1EdyPep3tN74vWg" itemType="folder"/>
        <!-- <item repositoryPath="/" /> -->

    <!-- addition 1 -->
        <component itemId="_erpo0BDuEdyJqvumb3iZNg"/>
        <item repositoryPath="/" />

    <!-- addition 1 -->
        <component itemId="_erpo0BDuEdyJqvumb3iZNg"/>
        <parentFolder repositoryPath="/" />
            <filter name="META-INF" />
            <filter name="plugin.xml" />
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Lauren Hayward Schaefer (3.3k11427) | answered Nov 12 '12, 6:55 a.m.
Hi Jeff,
Not sure if you've seen this article, but it may help you:

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