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Dashboard error ORA-02391

Adrian Daniels (6312120) | asked Oct 16 '12, 5:36 a.m.
I have a CLM 4 setup on Linux with an Oracle 11g database and TomCat.

Occasionally we notice the following error on some dashboard widgets (displayed in red):

TestData (id=400)
+ Cannot execute the statement
ORA-02391: exceeded simultaneous

An example widget is the "Story Points by Iteration", the graph always draws but the legend under it is replaced by the error above. Sometimes a page refresh clears it and sometimes it does not. If you go in and alter the widgets settings to a different query, it works and then put it back to the original query it then works again !

Anyone else seen this ?

I have asked the Oracle DBA and he says the SESSIONS_PER_USER limit is not set to any limit.


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