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read only string attribute with text presentation can not save if it already have value (Only problem in WebUI)

Amit Saxena (3111516) | asked Oct 12 '12, 11:54 a.m.
I ma using RTC4.0 GA

I have String Attribute "attr1" which is displayed as Text in editor presentation.
I have changed the attribute read only based on state. So on State 1 it is editable and State 2 it is Read Only.

When I make changes to this attribute in state1 it saves as expected. but when I move to State 2 and change some other attribute "attr2" and try to save WI it starts complaining about "attr1" that it is not modifiable and don't let me save the WI.

It is happening only in RTC web UI. It is working fine in Eclipse client. Also this is only for attributes whose presentation ojn Editor is text it works fine for String presentation.

Is there a defect already for this problem.

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