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Backward compatibility issues with Rational Publishing Engine (RPE)?

John Scarpelli (46257) | asked Sep 12 '12, 4:13 p.m.

Does anyone know whether or not there are backward compatibility issues with RPE?  That is, if we're using RPE with version of the Jazz suite and then later upgrade to 4.0, would there be any compatibility issues with the version of RPE which supports 4.0?

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Edgar Ignacio Velazquez Mar (7225) | answered Sep 13 '12, 10:42 a.m.
 Hi John,
 There are no known compatibility issues between and 4.0 reporting services using RPE. Both versions are compatible with RPE 1.1.2 or subsequent versions of RPE

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Geoffrey Rosenthal (10135) | answered Mar 27 '13, 7:34 p.m.
Keep in mind that you may need to update your RPE templates based upon any changes to CLM.  For example, From RRC 3.0.1 to RRC 4.0 there was a new authentication type requirement added i.e. to pull data from RRC 4.0.x you need to use at least RPE 1.1.2 and specify "OAuth1a" in RPE 1.1.2 or "OAuth" in RPE 1.2.  From RTC 3.0.1 to RTC 4.0 a new schema query was added to the work item schema to more easily access work item attributes.

These are really changes on a product by product basis.  For the most part, an RPE template built for CLM 3.0.1 with RPE 1.1.2.x will work in the same fashion or with minor updates with CLM 4.0 - 4.0.1 with either RPE 1.1.2.x or RPE 1.2.  Note that I'm listing the latest version of the products at the time when I wrote this response.  Standard IBM disclaimers apply i.e. things can change.  At this point I'm speaking from my own experience with RPE and CLM 3.0.1 up to 4.0.1.  CLM 4.0.2 was just released and I haven't played with it yet myself (but I'm not expecting much to change in this context).

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John Scarpelli (46257) | answered Sep 13 '12, 12:08 p.m.
Excellent.  Thank you!

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Simone Arnone (612) | answered Jun 19 '15, 8:53 a.m.
Sorry for replying to old thread.
I need to say if exists a "compatibility table" between products.

In my specific I need to know wich versions of RPE ar compatible with wich versions of RTC. (I actually use 4.0.6).

Thank you

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