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RQM - Test script generation for each project.

Dan Evans (392810) | asked Sep 10 '12, 2:33 p.m.
 (apologies if in wrong category)
I've done some searching but can't find the information I require so thought I should come here.

We are going to use RQM V4 and I'm looking into how we structure the projects and test suites.

We are currently in long maintenance releases with several phases to ensure quality. 

Am I right in thinking that projects do not share/reuse test scripts.  i.e If I have a project (say ACME-1.0) with all the various test suites as phases (ACME-1.0-SIT, ACME-1.0-OAT...etc) these will all have test scripts.  However if a new project starts up (ACME-2.0), which is merely building on the existing functionality of ACME-1.0, then I will have to create a whole range of new test scripts for 2.0 which are identical to the 1.0 test scripts (plus and minus changed functionality)?

I have seen mentioned a RQM Copy utility but I just wanted to make sure that I couldn't link(reuse) test scripts from other projects.  I guess I'm looking for best practices.

I would have thought the generation of completely new scripts could have significant impact on the sizing of our repository/Database.

How do people manage running parallel projects having to ensure that test scripts in one project cascade down to the next.  Or do you just create a organization level project with all the actual projects inside it so
             Company A  (project)
ACME-1.0            ACME-2.0  (test plan)
ACME-1.0-SIT     ACME-2.0-SIT (test suite)

                    TS-1  (shared test script)              

Any tips and help on how I structure the artifacts would be extremely helpful as there isn't much information on this.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as I'm trying to ensure we limit the amount of rework we have to do.

Many thanks,


If this is the case then

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Pramod Chandoria (2.1k11220) | answered Sep 11 '12, 3:33 a.m.
Hi Dan,
Any two project area are mutually exclusive, they do not share any artifact. Yes there is inbuilt capability to duplicate artifact within projects as well using external Copy Utility tool. In either case it is duplicate copy so no sharing of artifacts.
In case you think that artifacts will be reused mostly, you can consider using single project area
and use Team area to segregate process for each project. You can use category to classify artifact to various category it can belong to manage large number of artifacts.
In this case Each Project will have one of more test plan. You can use parent Test plan to group all plan items which belongs to same project.
Finally do not quot it as it is, compare it with your requirement and consider the option.
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Sterling Ferguson-II (1.6k7250256) | answered Sep 10 '12, 4:53 p.m.

I have seen ACME (Project) and ACME-1.0 (test plan) / ACME-1.0-SIT

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