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How can I add a default value to one work item type for a shared attribute?

Michael Walker (99214200157) | asked Sep 05 '12, 7:17 p.m.
I'm trying to add a default iteration for the Planned For field and since it's a shared field it's adding it to all the work item types.  Is it possible to specify the default value for only 1 work item type using the Process Config or is this going to require a script to implement?

Michael Walker commented Sep 07 '12, 3:04 a.m.

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Ifeanyichukwu Agu (561) | answered Nov 12 '12, 2:56 p.m.
Hi Michael,

You can achieve this using a script based default value provider by writing your function to return the different iteration UUIDs depending on workitem type.

You can obtain the UUIDs for your iterations from the rootservices page (https://<host-name>:<port-numbr>/jazz/rootservices) drilling down to project area and then timelines.

 The code below illustrates the general idea.

 getDefaultValue: function(attribute, workItem, configuration) {
            var result;
            var typevar = workItem.getValue("workItemType");
            if(typevar=="defect") result= "_EiPCcBJgEeK6lIYfm2Q12w";
            return result;        

Hope this helps.

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