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RTC 4.0 zOS bfagent - problem connecting via port

Donald Poulin (2249119107) | asked Jul 12 '12, 6:33 a.m.
 The RTC install on zOS for bfagent and buildtoolkit looked good and netstats shows that the port 5555 is available. The user has started up the bfagent under OMVS as a superuser and no errors when started.

Case 1 - from a command prompt on the users PC a "telnet hostame 5555" just times out - so we are thinking that may be a firewall related problem

Case 2 - from  TSO on the same LPAR that the bfagent is running on the user did a telnet to that LPAR with port 5555 (telnet ipaddress 5555) -  it got an error and could not connect to the port. No system console messages are seen.

Connecting to ipaddress, port 5555

Using line mode...
Telnet terminated -- No such connection (8543)

case 3 - from TSO on a different LPAR than where the bfagent is running - the user did a telnet to the "bfagent" LPAR with port 5555 - we saw the standard "Helo" message and then it immediately terminated with the 210 message - Goodbye.

Connecting to ipaddress, port 5555

Using line mode...

200 Hello - Buildforge Agent v7.1.3.0-0-0004

IBM Rational Build Forge Agent

210 GOODBYE - Rational Build Forge Agent

In both case 2 and 3 we get a bfagent log that appears to be normal up to a point - it does a bind and listen on port 5555 and creates a new agent and then gets an error

"IO io_gets: invalid char 0X18"

Any ideas and what the problem may be?

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Tami Takamiya (2011110) | answered Jul 13 '12, 8:46 a.m.
Would you check the disable_telnet option in the bfagent.conf file? The option is used by default in the V4 z/OS bfagent while it was not in the previous releases.  Although I do not fully understand what kind of problems the option could cause,  it should change the behavior when the agent is interacted with a telnet client.

Donald Poulin commented Jul 16 '12, 6:29 a.m.

Thanks - that fixed the problem -- disabling the "disable_telnet" optio

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