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How to know which projects/teams are using a specific component?

Carlos S (471713) | asked Jul 02 '12, 5:32 p.m.

Given a shared component, is there a way to know all the project/team areas (or streams) that have this component shared/associated?

For example:

Project COMMON
 -> Project COMMON Stream
    -> Component Common1
    -> Component Common2

Project A
 -> Project A Stream
    -> Component A1
    -> Component A2
    -> Component Common1

Project B
 -> Project B Stream
    -> Component B1
    -> Component B2

Project C
 -> Project C Stream
    -> Component C1
    -> Component C2
    -> Component Common1

In the scenario above the Component "Component Common1" is associated with 3 project areas: "Project COMMON" (owns this component), "Project A", and "Project C".

I´d like to know all the projects/teams that are using a specific common component. Knowing all the streams that a component is associated (added) would help.

I couldn´t find an automated way to get this information.

Thanks in advance!

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