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State of duplicated workitem frozen

Stefan Schmelz (471618) | asked Jun 29 '12, 3:38 a.m.

Hi all,


we are creating defects from test activities.

To be able to identify duplicates, we have created the status "DUPLICATE" in our workflow, plus we create a link to the duplicate. Previously we were using RQM, now we switched to and observe:

1. I have defect A in the state OPEN

2. I have defect B, which I identify as duplicate of defect A.

3. I change state on B to DUPLICATE and after saving, create the link "duplicate of" on B to A.

4. On clicking safe after adding the link, the status of B switches to OPEN. This status now cannot be changed any more.


My expectation would be that B remains in the status DUPLICATED.


Have you seen that and is there any way to influence that behaviour?


Thanks in advance


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Arne Bister (2.6k12732) | answered Jun 29 '12, 12:00 p.m.
Hi Stefan,

the out of the box behavior for both RQM 3.0.1 and RQM 4.0 (i.e. RTC 3.0.1 and RTC 4.0) is different. I tried adding a "Duplicate Of" link to a defect and saved. The defect moved to "resolved - duplicated" state. The state of the duplicated defect could afterwards still be changed.

In conclusion the differing behaviour you observe must be due to the differences in workflow / states / actions. In your RTC process configuration what is the "resolved" action for the defect workflow? What is the target state for this action? Are there any transitions possible from that state?

- Arne

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