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Errors encountered running Requirements Datawarehouse jobs

Joseph van Blokland (823813) | asked May 14 '12, 5:11 p.m.
The Requirements and Common Data collection jobs started failing after being content for quite a while. I do not know what has changed in the environment.

Prod Env:
    - IHS Reverse Proxy
    - Unmanaged WAS
    - Oracle 11g
    - LDAP

Sandbox Env:
    - Tomcat
    - Oracle 11g
    - LDAP

I changed the data warehouse password in Jazz, LDAP and oracle.
    - Tomcat: Common and Requirements now work.
    - WAS: Common works, but the requirements job is still failing.

I am getting a few pages of stack traces and logs in jts.log when I run the requirements collections job. The errors below show up multiple times.
    - HTTP/1.1 403 ...

I do not know if the following are related:

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Joseph van Blokland (823813) | answered May 28 '12, 12:11 p.m.
IBM suggests:
To let the etl job continue to run, you can go to
and set the "Requirements Job Threshold" value to -1.

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