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RTC 3.0 Build Forge (JazzJBE) and obfuscated password file

Michael Gray (86126) | asked Mar 15 '12, 1:01 p.m.
In RTC 2.x, we used the Rational Build Forge Connector and did our
own check for changes, scm load, scm snapshot etc. Now that we're on
RTC 3.0, we'd like to take advantage of the built in Jazz Source Control
capability in Build Forge build definitions. All of the examples I've been
able to find show the RTC user and password as environment variables
(which come over to RTC as properties) with the password in clear text.
For compliance reasons, we can't operate with passwords in the clear so
we had used the scm password obfuscation and password files to offer
(the illusion of) some security... Is there a way to use the JazzJBE adaptor
with RTC style obfuscated passwords (i.e. PasswordFile property?)

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Michael Gray (86126) | answered Mar 15 '12, 1:38 p.m.
Re-reading that, I wasn't completely clear -- in the rolled-our-own adaptor
for RTC 2.0, we relied on the "scm login" capability to avoid supplying
passwords on command lines -- I was thinking of ant build toolkit when
I mentioned password files. Either way -- we'd like either a PasswordFile
property (in which we could refer to ~/.jazz-scm/password.repo or have
the adaptor try to use the scm login logic with ~/.jazz-scm/repositories.txt
if no password env/property is supplied.

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