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How to import External Link from CSV

Yoshihisa Komai (3002422) | asked Feb 20 '12, 8:02 a.m.

I have a question about following thing.

In WEB UI, in the HTML attribute e.g. description, External Link can be entered.

e.g. Click "Insert External Link", then you can enter "URL" and "Title".
If you enter "" in "URL" and "jazzLink" in "Title" and save the work item, when you click "jazzLink", you can open the web site of

I want to know how to import such an External Link from CSV.
I put "<a href=>jazzLink</a>" in description field in CSV, and imported a work item from the CSV.
However, when I opened the wok item on both Eclipse client and WEB UI, in the description field, "<a href=>jazzLink</a>" was displayed.

I expected that "jazzLink" was displayed and "jazzLink" was clickable as a link to

Could anyone give me a suggestion about above thing?(how to import External Link from CSV?)

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