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Sparql, Linked Data, Semantic Web and RTC (not JFS)

Stefan Hufnagl (29411920) | asked Feb 16 '12, 7:26 a.m.
Hi All,

I have some Questions regarding RTC...

* Is it possible to use Sparql to access RTC Project Areas?
* Is RTC using a RDFStore (at JFS)?
* Why is Semantic Web, Linked Data, Sparql and RDF only discussed in
the context of JFS?
* Has someone experiences with this and RTC?

I ask because I have to integrate RTC with other Tools.
BTW, I don't speak about OSLC...I'm more interested to use Jena with RTC.

Thanks in advance


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William Owen (9145) | answered Feb 17 '12, 11:16 a.m.
Hi Stefan,
I am a tool developer working with RQM and RTC. I can answer some of your questions:

* Is it possible to use Sparql to access RTC Project Areas?
Yes - but documentation is sometimes hard to track down. You can start with:

* Has someone experiences with this and RTC?
I have written some small tools using python & rdflib to create work items, and also to add users to a project area and define their process roles. I can share these examples with you if you're interested.

I've not tried using Jena.

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Stefan Hufnagl (29411920) | answered Feb 26 '12, 12:51 p.m.
Hi Bill,

thanks for your answer...and yes I'm very interested in every code snippet I can get. :wink:

* I know there is a Query possibility in OSLC but is it really related to Sparql?

RDF Store:
* I made some investigation in the meantime and it seems to me that RTC (alias CCM) is not based on a RDF Store inside JFS. Yes, there is RDF with CM OSLC but this is not the way it is stored at JFS?


P.s. Maybe I have some code for you...over 1 year ago I had written two
RTC Android Clients (based on OSLC and Atom Feeds).

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