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Linking RTC work items with SVN (not using Eclipse as IDE)

Olivier Béghain (1082234) | asked Jan 12 '12, 2:11 p.m.

We currently are in a situation where we are constrained to use a particular Java IDE that isn't Eclipse-based and that does not provide integration with RTC CM. We therefore plan to use the IDE with SVN and have the SVN repository used from within RTC as SCM repo.

We now have to find a way to link SCM operations occurring in SVN with work items managed in RTC. To be precise:
1- be able to specify a state change of a specific work item when check-in a versioned file in SVN
2- consolidate a change set specifying all the versioned files modified for a particular work item.

Therefore, we would like to understand the effort/steps to develop a script that would be triggered at the post-commit hook in SVN and that could modify the state of a work item for which we would specify its ID.

Any pointers to RTC SDK examples, similar experiences, contact persons, etc are welcome.

Btw. We need to make a decision on the feasibility of this prior next week wednesday (18/1) to validate the usage of RTC.

Olivier Bghain

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