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Team Concert and Visual Studio builds ..

Srinath TV (36105) | asked Dec 23 '09, 2:14 p.m.

After being suggested to use JBE instead of CruiseControl, I have been exploring more about it .. I almost finished this video -> on (Part 3 - Getting started with Rational Team Concert and Microsoft Visual Studio).

However, around 7:14, under Build definition, author sets " cmd /c c:\demoblank\buildScript\build.bat " in the Command text box, and sets some arguments in the Argument field. Also command line-JBE was chosen. Please help me in creating a batch file for the same.. I have no idea, how was "build.bat" created, it's content/syntax etc .. A simple code snippet will help a lot. Thanks..

Also, I was thinking, can't we make/use Ant-JBE with Visual Studio? If yes, how? Though, I really want to complete this video tutorial's implementation, and can't do it fully, until I create build.bat .. without which it's completing build, but no links for download etc, as shown in tutorial.. Please help me create a batch file for the same.. Thank you so much...


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