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List of operationId's

Sadananda Aithal (1612) | asked Jun 30 '11, 5:12 a.m.
Im trying to write a rtc plugin which modifies Enumeration data for an attribute based on some pre-conditions - which is based on values in two other enumerations.

so the whole thing goes like this:

1) Enumeration1 - make a choice
2) Based on choice in step1 , display the appropriate enumerations in Enumeration2 - make a choice
3)based on choices in (1) and (2) , display appropriate enumerations in Enumeration3 - make a choice.

Now i realised, I have been working on sample advisors with operationID as workItemSave - meaning the advisors to be run before the work item is saved.
But here, the operation is actually a "select value from an enumeration/drop down list"

What would the operationId be? If there's a list of operationId's i can look at that would be very helpful!

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