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Rational Team Concert 3.0 RC1 Plain Zips for Windows.

Michael yang (62105) | asked Oct 23 '10, 10:49 p.m.

For RTC 3.0 RC1, I failed to find the server installation plain zips file for z/OS and IBM i as below.

Jazz Team Server and CCM Application z/OS (460.2 MB)IBM i (447.5 MB)
Trial licenses for Rational Team Concert z/OS (1.82 MB)IBM i (1.82 MB)

Where can I find the the server installation plain zips file for Windows?

Thanks a lot.


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Adrian Cho (8213322) | answered Oct 24 '10, 1:37 a.m.

Installation Manager is the only supported method for installing the server with 3.0. This is because our install is now smarter than it was in 2.x and handles cases for upgrading, for example. We are only supplying the plain zips for IBM i and z/OS temporarily. For the release these will be delivered using the native installers for those platforms - LICPGM for i and SMP/E for z/OS.

We will shortly make available instructions for performing silent installs using IM in cases where a browser is not available.

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