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Developing Custom Dashboards

Dave Robinson (11) | asked Oct 13 '10, 1:41 p.m.
I'm interested in creating Dashboards that can help me summarize the work being completed in the Project Area.
For Example I want to show Milestones in a Dashboard that:
Show all milestones that are coming due for a Project Area
Show all milestones that are coming due for a Project.
Show all Risks that are coming due for a Project Area.
Show all Risks that are coming due for a Project.

I also would like to see these displayed in a calendar type of view. Example : Milestone 1 of ABC project is due on Wed 12/8, Milestone 2 of ABC project is due Fri 12/10.
This way it would be more visual and easier to tell the story.

Its there a way to breakout all Work Items (workload) by Person and Project, in a way that you can see what the person is up against?
Thanks for any help with this.


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Daniel Toczala (88211514) | answered Oct 19 '10, 12:20 p.m.

You just need to set up some queries that select what you are looking for. In my group, we typically have queries of work items matching certain criteria in 14, 30, and 90 day windows. Then we can display these in graphical form , or as a list, in dashboard widgets. Look at the various different types of work item widgets available on a dashboard.

Side note: We don't use them, but I have seen a lot of RTC teams use tag clouds as a very quick and easy way to display data. Often they will do "workload" types of queries this way, with those users/areas that have the largest load showing up as the largest fonts in the tag cloud. I never thought that this feature would be useful, but I have seen it in action and was surprised at how effective it was.

Unfortunately, we will not be supporting a "calendar view" in the dashboard any time in the near future. This is an interesting request though. I would add it as an enhancement request work item for the RTC project.

My team has a dashboard with multiple tabs. The first tab shows a team overview, with some team wide queries on interesting work items (we tag them as HOT), and some trending reports. The next tab is a health tab which shows us the results of queries looking for work items with incomplete data (based on their current state). Each of the following tabs all have the same widgets, but each tab is keyed to one of the individual members on our team. So our team dashboard has about 14 tabs, but it reflects what is important to our team.

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