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Reading RTC data from Focal Point using OSLC

Markus Renlund (122) | asked Sep 02 '10, 4:08 a.m.
I've linked an element in Focal Point to two elements in RTC and I want to display the state of the RTC elements in Focal Point by fetching the data through oslc.
The output should be something like:
RTC_elem1_title: state1
RTC_elem2_title: state2

So far I've managed to get either e.g. a combination of the titles and description of the elements
(using: "" and XPath "concat(string(//dc:title),': ',string(//dc:description))"
or the state of the elements by itself, which is an enumeration
("" and XPath "concat(string(//dc:title),' ')"

So the question is, how can I get a result combining the title of the element and its state?

In the element, the state is expressed as:
rtc_cm:state rdf:resource=""

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