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how to get the owner(icontributorHandle) by the owner's name

SHENG HUI (622) | asked Aug 02 '10, 2:24 a.m.
i'm writing a query to get the workitems that belong to a specified owner. And i only know the name of the owner.
the following is the way that i get the query expression:

ownerAttribute= findAttribute(projectArea, auditableClient, IWorkItem.OWNER_PROPERTY, monitor);
ownerExpression= new AttributeExpression(ownerAttribute, AttributeOperation.EQUALS, owner_name);

However,it doesn't work,and i wonder that is because of the attribute owner_name is String ,while i need a IContributeHandle, is that right?
if it is ,how can i get this just by the name of the handle.
I appreciate your help.

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Sapan Desai (5625) | answered Aug 21 '12, 10:39 a.m.
 Not sure if you are still looking for this, but here is a way to get handle : 
(IContributorHandle) owner.getItemHandle();

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