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sync rule template ?

Uwe Glaeser (111) | asked Apr 22 '10, 5:54 a.m.
I would like to use one sync rule definition for all RTC projects. Ideally would be that if I create a project from a template I get a connection to an external repository and the respective sync rules already defined.
My understanding is that today I have to configure a sync rule fror one project, export it, rename it add the new name into the xml-file and than import the renamed sync rule into a new project. This for each and every project.
Is there any way to automate this process completely ? Can I somehow setup a sync rule that is than used by all projects ?

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Lorelei Ngooi (1.5k22) | answered Apr 22 '10, 11:32 p.m.
A sync rule template sounds like an interesting idea.

You are correct that if you wanted to clone an existing sync rule into a different project area, you would have to export/import it with a new name since we require that sync rule names are unique across project areas. You would also have to modify the cloned sync rules if they reference other sync rules. You can enter an enhancement request to clone a set of sync rules from one project area to another.

Since sync rules are scoped to a project area, there isn't a way to define a set of sync rules that are global.

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Uwe Glaeser (111) | answered Apr 23 '10, 2:17 a.m.
Thank you for the answer. Infact this is useful if you work with a groupwide standard syncronisation between an external repository and RTC, what is a quite common pattern. As well as to have one or few company wide standards for the RTC process template, that all projects have to follow.

I will enter an enhancement request for that.

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