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Setup of QM to DNG 703 to pull requirements into QM

Michael Sweger (131) | asked May 12, 1:23 p.m.
My questions is pretty basic in trying to get QM ( I assume this is ETM or RQM which are one in the same). I have ELMS 7.0.3 all tools installed on the same same laptop using a home network to explore these tools. I have an eval that is good for another 2 weeks before licenses' expire. Once they expire all work on ELM 7.0.3 will stop and the tool will be evaluated as to whether to pursue it or not.  The only thing that doesn't come with ELM 7.0.3 install package is Arch Manager (aka RMM that is rhapsody)..

I havve imported my word doc file into DNG 7.0.3 /rm.  However, as a follow the links on ibm/jazz it take me astray due to broken links, and references to out of date products such as ETM and DWA that lead to confusion since these older toolsets have limitations unknown yet.

It is not clear as to what gets setup first: CCM, local config, global config or the /rm toolset.
We don't test or design on a per stream/component or anything else that I see since thats to complicated for our need/use to configure and keep track of. All our releases are on a per baseline basis with all requirements in a DOORS module tested as a set. Our stuff isn't a web-based application/webpage. We don't do agile but do the old traditional way of the Incose System V. For testing, it is all of it, or based on regression testing (note jazz doesn't even mention regression, blackbox, whitebox testing methodologies) . Nor do we do distributed setups. The most we do for distributed is a backup failover from primary DNG to secondary DNG. This isn't done yet, but as a last resort we can always export REQIF and import REQIF into the backup secondary on a weekly basis.

So based on the above, I'd like to know (hopefully an article showing the screen shots one by one) on how to get DNG requirements to send to QM and actually see them there before doing anything else with them. Should one pass/fail them, it isn't clear where all the results are stored, nor do I see a way to import a spreadsheet/word document of the data collected. We don't rely on a test tool to collect it.  Our test scripts etc are executed outside of any tool. Then the results are tabulated into a report and uploaded as an attachment.

As for QM test plans, there doesn't seem to be a formal test plan with all the test steps etc that can be exported into a word document in our own format. These test plans will get signed for approval.

Although ELMS 7.0.3 has alot of functionality and the kitchen sink, it may be to much for our needs. I need to find out which parts we can use and what not to use.

Thus, is there a blog, a simple pdf article on the current DNG 7.0.3 toolset to setup getting requirements between QM and RM? I've already spent 2 weeks trying to find these steps but am getting lost in the outdated and broken link ibm webpages. 
As mentioned, I have 2 weeks left on RM to get it connected to QM and see how it works to determine if its of use to us.

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Ralph Schoon (63.2k33646) | answered May 12, 2:10 p.m.
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Get in contact with IBM and make contact to the IBM IT specialists that help customers with evaluating these tools. They can manage an evaluation extension and help you understand the concepts better.

Migration is always problematic. It is just not possible for the forum to provide you with consulting that needs so much details.

ELM is pretty much agnostic of the process you want to implement. There is support for agile and other processes. SAFe, ASPICE...

There is no concept of "Getting requirements between QM and RM". What does that even mean?

You can set up provider and consumer relationships between ETM, EWM, DNG project areas, that allows you to link between the items in the different tools. E.g. a requirement implements a change request and a requirement is tested by a test case. This is described in the product documentation. It is done using a lifecycle project setup, or on the very first page of each project areas admin page directly underneath the member /administrators section.

The Money that matters example comes with example data that shows this. The linking is available in configuration aware and not configuration aware project areas. If you use configuration aware management, you need a valid global configuration to allow the linking. There are different ways of setting  this up in EWM, ETM, DNG

Again, get help from IBM or their partners with expertise in the usage of this tool. That is just industry best practice.

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