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How to find modules linked to a stream that is associated with a global stream

Ian Dunn (1318) | asked Jun 30 '20, 2:35 a.m.

 When global configuration is enabled, a global stream is associated with a component, This global stream can then have streams associated with it for different applications such as DOORS Next Generation and Quality Manager. I'm assuming that if modules are created with these streams they are linked to those streams. 

Is there any way of finding out which streams (global and/or local) are associated with DOORS Next Generation modules  and Quality Management elements ?  

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Cristobal Sandoval (862) | answered Jul 03 '20, 10:41 a.m.

 you can put an url like this in a web browser and it will return a json with the detail of which configurations are part of the global configuration

the same as above but decoded

to know which modules are part of a configuration, you can go to rm/admin  ->  Debug  ->  "SPARQL Query" set the configuration and project for which you want to know the modules and run a sparql query like this 

SELECT ?ArtifactId ?Resource ?Title
?Resource dc:title ?Title .
?Resource dc:identifier ?ArtifactId .
?Resource rmTypes:ArtifactFormat ?format .
FILTER regex(str(?format), "#Module") .

Ian Dunn commented Jul 06 '20, 4:20 a.m.

 This was a bit more complicated than I was hoping for. Looking again at the local stream associated with the global stream via the "Manage Components and Configurations" option,. I can see a button called "Explore Component". Will this show the artifacts associated with this local stream ?

Cristobal Sandoval commented Jul 07 '20, 9:49 a.m.

Yes, it will, in DNG you will be able to see the artifacts in the selected stream

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