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Rational Publishing Engine Install for DOORS NextGen

Martin Piccus (152) | asked Jan 19, 5:33 p.m.

 I'm using DOORS NextGen and I want to generate custom reports that meet my customers specific reporting requirements. My understanding is that I can do this with Rational Publishing Engine. 

In all the tutorials I've watched, RP Publishing Engine seems to be a local application. Is this correct that I need to install and run RP Publishing Engine locally? I was expecting it to be a server side application which I would access via web page from anywhere. 

If it is a local application do I need to connect to the license server running on the server in order to run it?

On the server we are supposed to have Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Publishing installed. 

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Fariz Saracevic (919613) | answered Jan 19, 5:54 p.m.

Hi Martin,

Publishing (PUB) has both thick and web clients. PUB thick client is used to develop PUB templates used for document generation. PUB web client, also known Publishing Document Builder (PUB DB), is used to generate documents without need to have deep knowledge how template works and how it is developed. PUB DB requires that template already exists and it is then uploaded by admin or report manager, as well as a few more items are configured. End user should just select template, decide on data source, output format and name. 

Based on your description, you will need to use PUB thick client which also requires to run FlexLM license server. This is different lic server then the rest of ELM applications are using. It is a simple service which can be installed on the local machine or somewhere centrally if you plan to have multiple users developing PUB templates.


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