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RPE/PUB Error when running macro

Chris Hardy (314) | asked Nov 16, 10:15 p.m.
Using DOORS Next and RPE/PUB 7.0.2

When I try to run a report through launcher which specifies a macro, I am getting the following message:
CRRPE1064I Running macro ...
Error running macro. Error: -2147352573 - Can't run the specified macro

I have updated the .ini files to include:

I can run the macro manually with no issue.
The macro currently resides in the style sheet (.dotm) file
I have confirmed that the style sheet is being picked up and applied correctly for styles etc.
If I move the macro to my generic word normal.dotmĀ  - the macro works without issue in RPE/PUB

Side question: should the macros be copied into the generated document?

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