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DNG Link Creation Limits?

Kristofer Carlson (533) | asked May 26 '23, 11:22 a.m.
DNG ERM version 7.0.2

I have two projects, both part of GC. I select 85 artifacts in project A, select the "Add Link to 85 artifacts" option, select the Link Type and the component for Project B, navigate to the correct folder, and select all 15 of those artifacts. I click OK, and I get a notice that the links are being created. After running for a bit, the system indicates it is done. I then refresh the screen, but the links do not exist.

I've done this twice with the same result. I'm wondering if their is an upper limit on the number of links that can be created at the same time. I wouldn't think the system would choke on creating 1,275 links at a single time, however. Any ideas?

David Honey commented May 26 '23, 12:12 p.m.

What type(s) are the targets of the links you are created?
The reason I ask is that links between requirements and artifacts from other domains are always stored in those other domains, not the requirements. DOORS Next gets its incoming links from LDX, and it might take a minute or two for that data to be indexed in LDX.

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Kristofer Carlson (533) | answered May 26 '23, 1:27 p.m.

 I found the answer. SysAdmin hadn't added the GC Association to the project. It doesn't explain why DOORS didn't throw an error, but that is IBM's problem to solve.

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