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RTC/EWM Eclipse Plugin on MacOS Monterey running Apple Silicon (M1 aarch64)

Łukasz Jęda (11) | asked Nov 16 '22, 7:48 a.m.
Hi Team,

I'm struggling with making the EWM plugin to work while I'm installing it in the Eclipse installed on my MacOS Monterey with the M1 processor.

If I'm not mistaken, the official support of EWM stops on MacOS Catalina which is three releases back comparing to the latest one (being MacOS Ventura), so you're really far behind:|IBM%20i|Linux|Mac%20OS|Windows&duComponentIds=D001|D003|D004|D002|S006|S005&mandatoryCapIds=30|9|24|35|13|132|42|16|26|40&optionalCapIds=133|66|135|7|5|1|187|74|19|137|27|4|223

Are there any plans to introduce support for latest releases of MacOS, or are you planning to drop that support entirely? I was able to somehow install the RTC plugin on the MacOS BigSur, but now on MacOS Monterey it seems totally impossible for me to tweak all the components to make them work.

Any information would be really appreciated.

Kind regards,

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