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Export OLEs from DOORS module when publishing to HTML format using Publishing (RPE)

Bob 3 (148855) | asked Mar 16 '22, 5:59 p.m.

I need to publish data from DOORS 9.7 to HTML format and I am using Publishing (RPE) version 7.0.2. The catch is that the DOORS modules have OLE objects in them and I absolutely need the consumer of the HTML output to be able to access the OLE objects. Publishing will only export a thumbnail of each OLE object when the target output is HTML.

The approach I have developed so far is to have Publishing generate a Word document which then executes a Word VBA macro that establishes hyperlinks to the OLE objects in the /ref/ folder (this folder is produced automatically by Publishing), and then saves the .docm file generated by Publishing as an HTML file. This all works fine except that all the hyperlinks [to the OLE objects] produced by Word are absolute, which makes the output package non-portable. Note that the reason I go to the Word intermediate format is because Publishing will not export the OLE objects (the /ref/ folder) when the target output format is only HTML.

Question 1: Is there a way within a Publishing template to get a handle on what the OLE object file names are going to be in the /ref/ folder at runtime?

ref folder

Question 2: Is there a way to force Publishing to generate a /ref/ folder with OLE objects in it when the target output format is HTML?

Question 3: Is there a better overall approach to solving this problem?


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