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Link Requirement artefact to test Step through RQM REST API

Lucas Fontaine (26) | asked Mar 08 '22, 6:04 a.m.

I'm trying to create a python code to create ELM 7.0.2's data through the different types of artefacts and I'm strugling to create a visible link in the UI using the REST API.

I'm using a Bulk upload of a bunch of test script simustaneously
I've tried those elements (inside ns2:testscript/ns2:steps/ns8:step with ns2 as "" and ns8 as ""):
  • rdf:Description/ns11:validatesRequirement/rdf:resource (with ns11:"")
  • ns8:attachmentlinks#href
  • ns11:validatesRequirement#href
  • ns8:requirement
I got the same issue using RQM Excel Importer with LinkByExistingID(M) (with id number like "6585") or with LinkExisting(M) (with <server>/rm/resources/<url>)

(My request header contains oslc_config.context)

Thanks in advance for your help

Accepted answer

permanent link
Lucas Fontaine (26) | answered Mar 17 '22, 4:40 a.m.
I found the solution:

The reportable REST API as Requirement as read-only value due to his necessity (as in the UI) to be part of a configuration.

To add it, you must use OSLC query which use versionedTestScript Artefact and ExecutionElement2 (for versioned step).

Library that can help you find what you need:

Hope those element help other in struggle

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Ralph Schoon commented Mar 17 '22, 5:36 a.m.

Thanks for sharing Lucas! 

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