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Looking for RQM process template configuration documentation

Jitesh Saha (179) | asked Apr 27 '23, 7:28 a.m.
edited Apr 27 '23, 7:29 a.m.
Hi All,

I am looking for a documentation that specifies what settings,artifacts, attributes etc. can be copied when using reusing an RQM process template.

For example I need to know if Timelines or Team areas are included into the process template if I decide to reuse them in another Project area or even in another RQM server.

Apologies if this question is redundant but currently I couldn't find such a document anywhere.

Thanks in advance.

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Ralph Schoon (62.9k33645) | answered Apr 28 '23, 4:51 a.m.
edited Apr 28 '23, 5:05 a.m.

I am not aware of a detailed description  anywhere. There is a capability built in, that is shared between the applications and the different applications use the capabilities to a certain extent.  

What is the purpose/meaning of "reuse" in the context of this question? What is the business need, that needs to be supported? I am asking, because there have been misunderstandings about what process templates do. There is also process sharing ( ).

Other than that, you can export a process. A zip file is created. The zip file can be extracted and inspected easily enough. 

In my experience, the information exported is the part of the process that is stored in the process specification XML, plus process attachment files. This is dependent of the application with EWM sharing the most:
  • Roles
  • Timeline and iteration information
  • Permissions for the roles, including permission configurations based on iteration types
  • Operational behavior configuration on project area and team area level (including JavaScript attachment scripts, process documentation), iteration based process configuration
  • Default queries
  • Default Dashboard information
  • Work item types and all the related work item configuration
  • Configurations for planning and all the other stuff you find in the EWM Process configuration editor.
  • The specification of the process initialization such as creation of timelines etc.

Jitesh Saha commented May 02 '23, 8:18 a.m.
Hi Ralph, Thank you for your answer. By "Reusing" I mean Exporting the process template form one project area and then using it again in another project area.

The exact business need:
The colleagues working in Hardware want to streamline their project creation process using custom process templates. For that they have defined a fixed set of configuration that will be reused in all projects. For analysis we have exported a pre-configured template and used the same in a new project area. And below are the open points we still have. Can you tell us if these are expected behaviors or help me out with a relevant document that answers these points.
  1. Manage Project Properities not available on the created Area
  2. Team Area inactive on new Project Area.
  3. Test environments missing.
  4. Precondition & Follow-up Actions missing.
  5. Formal Review prefill “TestDesign”,”Test Implementation” missing.
  6. „Weight default value = 1“ not set
  7. „Enable only baselines“ not set.

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