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Error delivering a change set [RM]

Eduardo Pérez Soto (212) | asked Jan 12, 2:34 a.m.
edited Jan 12, 2:38 a.m.

Hi everyone, when deploying a change set, I get the following error. As additional information, I have run the module analyzer on both source modules and target modules and no one has errors.

ID CRRRW7780E  An error occurred during the operation. The following message might include more information about the problem.
Propagated exception; original message [BadRequestException: Propagated exception; original message [BadRequestException: SQL usage to push change set to stream ->{ insert into REPOSITORY.VERSION select distinct V.ITEM_ID, V.STATE_ID, ?, V.IS_CURRENT, ?, V.PREV_CONFIG_ID, V.CHANGE_SET_ID, ?, V.CURRENT_UUID, V.IGNORED, V.INTERNAL, V.ITEM_TYPE_DBID from REPOSITORY.VERSION V where V.CONFIG_ID=? and ( ( V.IS_CURRENT=1 and not exists ( select 1 from REPOSITORY.VERSION W where W.CONFIG_ID=? and W.ITEM_ID=V.ITEM_ID and W.ITEM_TYPE_DBID=V.ITEM_TYPE_DBID and W.IS_CURRENT=1 ) ) or ( exists ( select 1 from REPOSITORY.VERSION U where U.CONFIG_ID=? and U.CURRENT_UUID=? and U.ITEM_ID=V.ITEM_ID and U.ITEM_TYPE_DBID=V.ITEM_TYPE_DBID and ( ( V.IS_CURRENT=1 and U.STATE_ID!=V.STATE_ID ) or ( V.IS_CURRENT=2 and V.CREATED = ( select max( X.CREATED ) from REPOSITORY.VERSION X where (X.CONFIG_ID=? and X.ITEM_ID=V.ITEM_ID and X.ITEM_TYPE_DBID=V.ITEM_TYPE_DBID and X.IS_CURRENT=2) ) ) ) ) ) ) }

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Ralph Schoon (59.6k23643) | answered Jan 12, 2:38 a.m.

Please open a case with support.

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