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Test case design window in ETM(RQM) not adjusting in edit mode

Robert Glaes (11) | asked Oct 27 '21, 4:32 a.m.


When I click the pen icon to edit a test case design the window gets really small and makes the work frustrating. When it is in view mode the window adjusts to the whole screen.

Does anyone know a fix to this?

Don Yang commented Nov 04 '21, 7:01 p.m.
what is your ETM version?
I tried with v7.0.1 and did not see any particular problem when I view it or edit.
on the right head icon menus, there is a maximum menu and if I click on it, it will adjust to the whole screen and I can restore it when clicking on restore icon. edit or preview does not really change the font. Not sure what it is like in your environment, if you can provide a screenshot, it could help.

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