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ETM : Roles and Permission related

Rajat Krishnan (70117) | asked Oct 19 '21, 6:24 a.m.
 Use case: Merge configuration from One stream to other
-> Merge Configuration

here we have 2 roles created.
one at team area level -> "Test coordination" who has access to create test plan, modify, all the test artifacts.
other role at project area level -> Config manager who has configuration options activated like baseline creation, merging configuration.., This is created for easy maintenance.

our idea, is to keep test coordinator at team  area level and given configuration manager at project area level who are require to this merge configuration.
During the Merge operation, we get error on each artifact which we would like to take to to source (see below picture)
as per permission the role has already access to create, modify all the test artifacts.

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Ralph Schoon (63.2k33646) | answered Oct 19 '21, 8:26 a.m.

Not being an ETM expert and not familiar with the merge, I have seen questions like this, that claim some issue with permissions or the other, many times over the years. It usually turned out that the issue was the configuration and not the permissions system. There is a description for EWM describing the permission and operational behavior, that I think is key to know it exists.

Behavior an permissions live in multiple dimensions. Project Area, team area/process area, temporal. The latter is not very known, I think. Consider this:

So permissions depend on the roles the user has in the context that owns the item modified by an operation. 

If ETM tells you, that you lack permission in the project area, you likely lack the permission in the project area. I would suggest to do the following:

Open the project area administration. Click on permissions. Select Show by Operation. In the search filed type "save test script" unfold the category and make sure "Create" is permitted to one or more roles you actually have. Then try again.

vinitha dsouza commented Oct 19 '21, 8:46 a.m.
Thanks for prompt answer

actually we have Test co-ordinator role only at Team area level and has got all the permissions.

as Merge configuration require project area level access, we have added new role and configured only permission related to that.

as per the permission look up behavior, it should still look for the role who is doing such operation and still should work.
Team area level -> Test cooridntoar ( save ,modify, create all test artifacts)
Project area level-> Configuration manager (create baseline,merge configuration)

Ralph Schoon commented Oct 19 '21, 9:03 a.m.

No. As I implied above, if the modified object is owned by the project area and the user does not have the permission there, the user does not have the permission. I'd suggest to read the links I provided. 

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