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RQMRestClient Java library query objects from server

Thomas Mueller (11) | asked Jun 28 '21, 9:30 a.m.

 Hello everybody
We use the RQMCopyUtility.jar library in one of our java apps. 

After an server upgrade from RQM 6.0.1 to RQM 6.0.6 some of the calls to query objects from the server seems to work different.
Prior the upgrade we used "RQMRestClient.getArtifact( String artifactType, String artifactId )" call to get different objects and we used the WebId / Name of the object as identifier in this call.
But after the upgrade this does not work any longer. Instead it looks like everything is handled by internal IDs now and we have to use these the interal IDs (urn: ...).
Now we are facing the issue that we have the WebId/Name of the object on our side but have no idea to get the related object from the server with this WebId.

- Is there an easy way to get objects from server with WebId/Name as identifier? If not, is there an useful workaround for this issue?
- Is there a somewhat more detailed documentation about the java RQMCopyUtility.jar? Especially for its usage in java application instead of command line calls?  

Any hints are welcome. Thanks!

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abhishek gour (3812) | answered Jun 29 '21, 2:37 a.m.
You could consider referring to detailed documentation about RQMCopyUtility from -

Regarding the artifactId - The ID format is the ETM Reportable REST API ID (see

Regarding the workaround - You could choose to use GET on Feed URI request in given project area and pick up the appropriate artifact ID for artifact name from Feed Response. This artifact ID could be used as argument for given API mentioned in your post.

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