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Open defect creation dialog directly with external weblink

Steffen Padberg (132) | asked Mar 22 '22, 6:48 a.m.


I am developing a GUI tool suited for Testers using a jazz backend, they have access and overview for test cases, requirements and test results in this tool. When they find a bug, they should create a defect in jazz, but at the moment they have to use the browser and go to test case -> test case execution record -> previous result details -> test run -> defects -> create defect. Then a prefilled creation dialog in a popup window is displayed.
To make this more efficient, is there a way to create a weblink which opens this creation dialog directly (knowing the configuration context etc.)? Is there a possibility to change the prefilled fields?

I could do it like this: programmatically, but I want the user to use the jazz environment directly in this case. 

Any help is very appreciated, thank you very much!

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David Honey (1.7k17) | answered Mar 22 '22, 7:59 a.m.

You might want to read If an OSLC server supports a delegated creation dialog, you can discover its URI through standard discovery from the OSLC Service Provider Catalog. Whether a delegated creation dialog supports specifying prefilled data such as configuration context is implementation dependent.

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