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"Open attachments in test results directly" preference doesn't work for keywords in results

Ashish Mathur (12176) | asked Jun 05 '21, 1:28 p.m.

 As an test type extension to ETM, at the end of the run, we upload a report and attach it to the Test Results and it contains a bunch of JS, CSS and JPG files as attachments to the results along with the primary .HTML file. If the preference in 'Manage Project Properties --> Test Results Preferences --> Open attachments in test results directly' is enabled, we are able to see the report in like very well.

Now the same doesn't work when the attachment of a report is to a keyword step which happens to be implemented by our test type. IT forces me to download the report. Since the visible link is only that of the HTML file, its not at all useful to only download the HTML file. 

Can we have this preference with applicable to the attachments to a keyword step in the results ?

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