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Handling result attachments

Ashish Mathur (12176) | asked Jun 05 '21, 1:23 p.m.

 As an integration, after the execution of the test type, we attach a report back to the result in RQM. The report is built with HTML, CSS, JS, JPGs etc. So we leverage the  attachments (hidden) for all content other than HTML and the attachment (visible) with a link to the HTML. 

So now in the Manage Project Properties --> Test Results Preference , If I enable the "Open attachments in test results directly, without prompting users to open or save them", I can simply click on the link to the HTML, I can view the report in the same browser and it renders very well.

Now, if I have the preference disabled, it makes me download the HTML file only. That is not very useful because even if I open the downloaded file from local disk, and it contains references to the attachments, its not going to render it because of cross-site scripting issues.

If I upload a zip of all contents, then it won't be useful to view directly within the browser. 

Does this mean, I have to make a decision based on the preference - that doesn't make sense.

The alternate is to pack the entire HTML, JS, CSS, JPGs into a single HTML. That certainly doesn't sound like a very elegant solution.

Is there a way to link all the attachments to this HTML file so that when the preference is to download, that it will download a zip of the contents. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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abhishek gour (3812) | answered Jun 07 '21, 3:50 a.m.
The "Manage Project Properties --> Test Results Preference" is for non web ui generated attachments uploaded on to ETM database ( such as those coming from Adapters ).
In other words, if this option is kept ON, then also attachment uploaded via normal Web UI options would not be directly loaded in the browser. They would be downloaded. 

For adapter partners to let upload their result content this options was provided. Only issue over here is that the control is still with ETM administrators for attachments coming via ETM Adapter partners. Which may not be Adpater Providers friendly, but it gives more control to the ETM administrator on deciding security aspects. 

As of now, only way to open attachd HTML result file is to let Project Admin to keep this option enabled. 


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