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Why can't you paste artifacts copied from a Baseline in DOORS NG?

Carol Watson (71015) | asked Apr 26 '21, 1:08 p.m.

 On occasion, users accidentally remove artifacts from a Module, then need to add them back.  For some reason, if you copy them from a Baseline then try to paste, you hit an error.

Using Paste, errors with:

Using Paste Special, errors with:

On the other hand, you can copy and paste artifacts from a baseline that were not removed from the current stream.

Note that the artifacts still exist in the artifacts folder for the module in the current stream, and can be added with "insert existing artifact".  It's far easier to copy a group of artifacts from the baseline though, rather than inserting them one-by-one, especially when someone removed a parent artifact with many child artifacts.

Tested this on both 6.0.6 and


Geoffrey Clemm commented Apr 26 '21, 6:14 p.m.

I tested this scenario in 7.0.2, and I couldn't get the "paste" of any of the artifacts copied from the baseline to work, whether or not the artifact had been removed from the module I was trying to paste into (same error message as the one you report here).   Unless someone has a suggestion on the forum, I'd suggest opening a support case with IBM on this.   (And please post what you find out back to this forum question).

Carol Watson commented Apr 28 '21, 5:17 p.m.

Thank you Geoffrey, I opened Support Case TS005534187.


Geoffrey Clemm commented Apr 28 '21, 5:34 p.m.

Thanks, I've subscribed to that Case so I can follow along, and provide color commentary if appropriate. 

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Carol Watson (71015) | answered Apr 30 '21, 11:50 a.m.

 Support Case response is that this is expected behavior. Full response below:

Per development, this behavior is expected in because we do not allow copy/paste of module data between configurations in the same component. This includes streams and baselines. Work has been done in 7.x to prevent this entirely, greying out the menu options and providing better error messages on drag and drop, but in the process just fails with this exception. See work item references below:


Repurpose: Tags and Links between artifacts are not copied when user copies and pastes between streams. (133155) <>

Repurpose: Copy and paste - Context menu entry isn't disabled in module (133195) <>

Repurpose: Error message is not very helpful when user tries to drag and drop stream to stream (133194) <>

Repurpose: User can copy and paste an artifact to a module in a different stream, only if it exists in the target stream (133156) <>


You need to browse and add existing requirements manually.

Geoffrey Clemm selected this answer as the correct answer

Geoffrey Clemm commented Apr 30 '21, 1:47 p.m.

That also explains why I had to work extra hard to reproduce this error in 7.0.2 ... in most cases, the Paste and Paste-Special menu entries were greyed out (or absent).   But there were still a few cases where Paste was not greyed out, but that when I clicked on it, I get this error message.   So I guess the defect in 7.0.2 is that there are still a few places where the "Paste" operation is enabled, when it shouldn't be.   An error message like "cross configuration paste is not allowed" would have been much more helpful than just greying it out ... that is my standard complaint against all GUI's that grey out invalid operations ... clicking on that greyed out entry should result in a message explaining why it has been greyed out.

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