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Creating Link Contraints between different GC Component

Monali Jambhulkar (841639) | asked Mar 09 '21, 9:41 a.m.

 Hello Guys

We are using Global configuration management . and we have CLM version

We have to create Link constraints between artifact type that are present in different components.

For Exmaple I have artifact Type as System Req  in Component "Test 1".

and in "Test 2" component , We have artifact Type as Diagnostic Req.

Now we want to create link constraints as System Req Link to Diagnostic Req .

and Both Stream Test1 and Test 2 under same GC Component example 

    -->Test 1
    -->Test 2

Can you Please suggest how to create it in the DNG.


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Ian Barnard (1.9k613) | answered Mar 11 '21, 6:36 a.m.
edited Mar 11 '21, 7:03 a.m.

Hi Monali

This technote describes how to setup for cross-component linking. It was written for 6.0.4 but AFAIK applies to all later versions too EXCEPT there's no need to explicitly associate projects because this association is made automatically through the global configuration.

Note that you will have to put RDF URIs on the artifact types and link type in each component.

To minimise user confusion, if possible artifact types and link types with the same URI should have the same name in each component., but technically speaking it's the URI that's used to locate the type/link so the names don't have to match. 

Also, make sure the URIs aren't real resolvable hostnames and use http:// (i.e. not https://, although that's allowed it's not a good idea) - e.g. if your company is called blahco, don't use URIs like, instead use e.g. http://blahco.uris/linktypes/mylinktype and http://blahco.uris/artifacttypes/myartifacttype where the blahco.uris won't resolve to a real host.


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Monali Jambhulkar commented Mar 15 '21, 1:27 a.m.

Thanks Ian.

This is healful.


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