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How to Read Two DOORS Databases into One RPE Template

Calum Button (1313) | asked Nov 12 '20, 4:52 a.m.

I am trying, unsuccessfully to create an RPE Template to read data sources from two different DOORS Classic databases.

I have tried the Schema Discovery both with DOORS running and opening new DOORS instances.
I am able to create the schemas if I use DOORS running and open one database at a time, however teh document generation aborts.

When I use the schema to open a new instance of DOORS RPE will open the DOORS database but then just sits at the Reading data from DOORS pop up, before hanging.

I'd appreciate any help on this, Googling does not produce any results.

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Calum Button (1313) | answered Nov 19 '20, 4:42 a.m.

To anyone interested in this question, I have found the/a solution to my problem, this may be implementation specific.

It simply involves using the full shortcut target line for DOORS when configuring the data sources, including all added command lines.

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