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RPE: Moving template part to a new Data Scheme request

Jose Julián de Julián Fernández (153) | asked Jul 28 '21, 1:04 a.m.

 Hi everyone,

I had an RPE template working perfectly with a Data Source (DOORS 1 $15 Module/Object). When adding new functionality, I need to include some DOORS Module fields into the Data Source so I perform the DOORS Scheme Discovering functionality which includes the a new Data Source (DOORS 2) instead of upgrading the existing one (DOORS 1).

First, I include the new functionality using a container where I drag and drop the new Data Source: DOORS 2 $20 Module). Up to here, everything is fine.

But, I cannot just drag and drop the new DOORS 2 Module/Object to the old container functionality. 
Second try, I create a new container with the DOORS 2 Module Object request and copy and paste the olf functionality. However blocks contains only conditions and texts but none request and assingments.

I am pretty sure that I am having a quite small failure. Can anyone help me to discover it?

Thank you very much.

Rational Publishing Engine Document Studio
Versión 6.0.6 
Compilación 20180530_0607

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