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generation of audit reports

Aaron Duncan (11) | asked Jun 25 '20, 12:36 a.m.
I need to generate two reports using DOORS-NG 6.0:
   - user permissions (ie "who has access to what?")
   - user activity log

We are primarily using the Requirements Manager ("https://host:port/rm/web") part of DOORS-NG.
Users are imported, and assigned licenses, using "Jazz Team Server" ("https://host:port/jts/admin")
I am new to the DOORS-NG, so I am not really sure where to start.
I imagine this would be done with REST API calls, but cannot find the appropriate documentation/examples.

I looked here:
but wonder if I'm just looking in the wrong spot.

thanks in advance for your time.
Please feel free to ask clarification questions; I apologise if I have failed to include pertinent background info.

kind regards,
Aaron Duncan

Aaron Duncan commented Jun 25 '20, 12:46 a.m.
I have just found this forum question, which is very close to what I want:

This answers, I think, the first part of my question:
    - get all projects, and list the members with their roles

Any help with the activity log ("change history"?) would be appreciated.

Aaron Duncan commented Jun 25 '20, 12:57 a.m.
This post outlines exactly what I need for the "activity log":

(it is also for exactly the same purpose that I need this report)

This question was written back in 2014, with the response basically being "check the web application server logs".

I would hope that there might be a better option 6 years later? such as identifying artifact access based on the JTS user?

Aaron Duncan commented Jun 25 '20, 1:37 a.m.
So looking further into the API:

I noticed that there is a <jp:history-url> tag that contains a url to:

This looks to be what I'm after but, again, I would appreciate any advice from the experts.

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