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Import RM Type System Between 2 Servers

Daniel Chirillo (314) | asked Apr 16 '21, 8:48 a.m.

Should I be able to import the type system between 2 different rm servers registered with the same JTS server?  When I try, I get a 202 response but nothing is imported and the target server log has this error:

Uncaught exception while executing task Copy type system task The configuration could not be found.  It could have been delivered or discarded.

My request body looks like this (6.0.6 iFix019):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <types:source rdf:resource="https://rmSource/rm/cm/stream/_lD6LcMhOEeaEq5aEPF07YQ"/>
        <types:target rdf:resource="https://rmTarget/rm/cm/stream/_5nwDsJ6tEeuE59XzpBjAag"/>

Accept: Application/rdf+xml
Content: Application/rdf+xml
DoorsRP-Request-Type: public 2.0
vvc.configuration: [target stream]

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Ian Barnard (1.9k613) | answered Jul 08 '22, 4:09 a.m.
edited Jul 11 '22, 8:47 a.m.
Late reply, but hopefully this information will be useful to people looking for answers to your question.

202 is the expected response indicating that the import session is starting, there will also be a Location header in the response which is the URL of a task tracker to monitor progress. This is described in the Import API documentation under Behaviour of POST see

However I'm not sure the import will succeed between servers. I'd imagine the two rm apps will have to be in the same SSO domain and possibly same JTS, or at least the two JTS friende, but you say the two rm servers are on the same JTS so those conditions should be met. Sorry don't have a two-rm setup to try this on.

Ralph Schoon has contributed to this excellent 3-part article about managing the DN type system in multiple server environment and in the article there are links to his Java code. AFAIK this code works within a server and you must manually create/download/upload a master type system component template into dependent servers, then use Ralph's code to deliver (presumably using the Type Import API) to the desired streams.


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